07 Oct 2011: Lakbay Norte 3 Blogger Contest

Outdoor Adventures of the North

Today, the North Philippines Visitor’s Bureau (NPVB), in cooperation with Manila North Tollways Corporation and Victory Liner, announced that it will be holding Lakbay Norte 3: a nine-day Media Tour of North Philippines on 22..30 Jan 2012.

During this annual event, NPVB will bring a bus load of media participants from broadsheet, TV, travel magazines, and blogs to produce over 100 articles and features about North and Central Luzon.  To select the six bloggers who will join this year’s adventure, NPVB is conducting a contest.

The contest’s mechanics, terms and conditions may be found here.  Join now!

Summary of Competition Dates:

Application Period: 07..31 Oct

Pre-Selection: starts as soon as entries come in until 04 Nov

Notification of Finalists – 05 Nov

Article Preparation – 06..14 Nov

Uploading of Entries in Facebook – 15 Nov

Contest Period: 16 Nov..18 Dec

Judging Period: 19..21 Dec

Winners Informed: 23 Dec

Lakbay Norte 3: 22..30 Jan


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