26 Oct 2011: Vote now for the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is our country’s finalist for inclusion in the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

I remember visiting in 2008 and being in awe of the well-preserved ecosystem surrounding the river: monitor lizards roaming around, monkeys playing in the forest canopy above and very clear water.  I hope that tourism impact to the environment will be kept to a minimum.



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Idol Bloggers at Fundacion Pacita

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Naidi Lighthouse, Batanes

May 2010: Canon PowerShot Kayak Explore 2010: Anvaya Cove-Subic Bay

Canon PowerShot Kayak Explore 2010: Anvaya Cove-Subic Bay

Thank you to Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc for making this event possible.

07 Mar 2010: Zoobic Safari

Blonde and Blue-eyed

For years, I have heard of Zoobic Safari in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  However, the relative difficulty of visiting Subic led me to put off visiting the place.

Last weekend, however, I found myself in Subic with ten other photographers looking for something to do to make the most of our trip.  We agreed to visit Zoobic Safari because one of us has not seen live tigers yet (?!).

Costs per person were PhP449 for the entrance and PhP50 for the Zoo Train (optional).  If you have your own transport, you may opt to use that instead of availing of the Zoo Train.

Tour guide fee is included in the entrance fee, unlike other private zoos in the Philippines.  Touring the facility took about three hours.  Climate in the facility is modified by mist sprayers hidden in the trees (take note of this to avoid wetting your cameras).

The tour includes a jeep ride through a large enclosure wherein the tigers are free to walk about.  If you so choose, you can purchase some raw chicken to feed to the tigers.

Tiger Taking a Bath